How to quickly identify a Bostonian around you?

Boston accent has always been a Hollywood favorite character-supportive feature in movies that set scenes in Boston. Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting outshined a mellow Bostonian accent, with his role as Psychology Professor Sean at Bunker Hill Community Colledge who tutors a problematic Will Hunting (Matt Damon) to reach his genius-grade potential.

While it might not be as politically correct positive as Good Will Hunting, Seth Macfarlane set scenes in real Boston neighborhoods and pictured an unreal toy bear Ted with a real touching relationship with his lifelong friend and owner John.  The raunchy humor of Ted was created and portrayed using Seth’s exaggerated Boston accent. Personally, I thought it is a great comedy movie for the summer time, with a glimpse of the best scenes of the city.

Let’s follow the storyline and take a look at what Boston scenic spots can we find here.

Scene 1: Ted and John waiting in line dressed as Yoda and Darth Maul, anxiously awaiting the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1.

Image 000

Image 011

Attraction 1: Somerville Theatre

Highlights:  Nostalgic and features local draft beer and ice cream at a reasonably cheap price.

somerville theater

Unlike big chain theaters like AMC or Regal where offer standardized ticket price and modern reclining chairs, Somerville Theatre is a unique independent movie theater and concert venue which offers local draft beer and ice cream at a reasonably cheap price. This built in 1914 historical theater sits in the heart of Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville. The nostalgic architecture feature and the live music offered in the venue makes it a popular dating spot for locals and movie lovers. The theater hosted many historic concerts, including the first of the two Last Dispatch concerts, two shows by Bruce Springsteen in 2003, and a performance by U2 in 2009. You may also surprisingly find a branch of the Museum of Bad Art in its basement.

What to eat at Cambridge and Somerville:


From left to right are:
$$$: Giulia, an upper-scale Italian restaurant
$$: Cafe Luna, featuring excellent brunch choices like lemon ricotta pancakes, berry french toast, and waffles
$$: Alive & Kicking Lobsters, a market/outdoor restaurant offers fresh steamed lobster and lobster sandwiches in town
Scene 2: Ted offered to drive John to work and behind them is a white cable-stayed bridge.

Image 001.png

Attraction 2: Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

Highlights: Part of the Boston Big Dig project. The bridge’s unique appearance meant to echo the tower of the Bunker Hill Monument.


Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge or the Zakim Bridge is one of the widest cable-stayed bridges in the world, with 10 lanes for traffic. Entering the bridge from the North, the Charlestown side, drivers can have a striking view of TD Garden. Another way of viewing the bridge is taking a walk in the open park underneath the bridge in the evening.

Scene 3: John and Ted are taking a walk in the Boston Public Garden.

Image 004.png

Attraction 3: Boston Public Garden

Boston public garden is part of Boston’s precious Emerald Necklace, the greenway system built in 1878 with the effort to clean up and control the marshy area which became the Back Bay and The Fens. This linear system of parks was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of Central Park, New York. A popular tourist attraction in the Boston Public Garden is the Swan Boats. Being a large park in the heart of Downtown Boston, Public Garden offers fountains, statues, nicely shaded paths and free music performances for both locals and tourists to chill and enjoy the summer.


Scene 4: John asked Ted to move out of their apartment, the conversation took place in an aquarium.

Attraction 4: New England Aquarium

Image 007.png

Image 003.png

With a four-story giant ocean tank, New England Aquarium is home to thousands of exotic aquatic animals. A spiral ramp was built around the tank offers tourists continuous and close-up viewing experience of sea animals. Since it is quite a popular place for families with kids, it would be wise to pick a weekday to go there for tourists.

What to eat near Aquarium:

Restaurant Downtown.jpg

From left to right are:
$$$: Rowes Wharf Sea Grille, a Boston Harbor Hotel’s restaurant which offers harbor view outdoor patio dining
$$: Union Oyster House, one of the oldest restaurants in America, a favorite of President Kennedy.
$$: The Black Rose, one of the older Irish pubs in the city, featuring live Irish music.


Scene 5: John sang a song on Norah Jones’s concert, trying to win back Lori’s heart.

The Hatch Shell.png

Attraction 5: The Hatch Shell

It is a tradition for Bostonians to watch a July 4th annual concert by Boston Pops Orchestra at The Hatch Shell, for those do not mind the crowds. The outdoor music venue is a gem on the banks of the Charles River. On a sunny summer evening, nothing is better than a free event at the Hatch Shell.


Scene 6: Lori’s apartment exterior

Image 017.png

Attraction 6: Back Bay

Until the 19th century, Boston was situated on a narrow peninsula surrounded by tidal marshes. Back Bay was filled by 1880 and developers son moved in and turned it into one of Boston’s most exclusive neighborhood. Backbay area features Trinity Church, the Boston Public Library, the John Hancock Tower, and numerous other notable buildings. It is also a fashionable shopping and dining destination. Newbury Street and Boylston Street are the most enchanting streets in town with salons, boutiques, and fabulous dining.

What to eat at Back Bay:

Backbay food.jpg

From left to right are:
$$$$: Sorellina, the place where John and Lori celebrated four years anniversary. It is one of the most upscale Italian fine-dining restaurants in town. The dressing code is formal.
$$$: Saltie Girl, a Barcelona-Italian seafood bar opened last year features fresh seafood, fruity cocktails, lobster rolls and lobster waffles.
$$:Beantown Pho & Grill, a hidden gem in Back Bay Vietnamese restaurant offers reasonable price lunch on Newbury St. Remember to try their flavorful pho with avocado smoothies in this hot summer.


Scene 7: Ted ran into Fenway Park

Image 023.png

Attraction 7: Fenway Park

One thing you might get most Bostonians to agree is New York and the Yankees are the worst things that have ever happened. One notable fact of Fenway Park is the one lonely red seat among the green seats around which marks where the longest home run ever hit in Fenway — Ted Williams’ 502-foot blast off Detroit’s Fred Hutchison on June 9, 1946.



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